1st meeting of the Expert Council for Geology took place

On July 23, 2019 the Chairman of the Board of JSC”Kazgeology” Almaz Abdygalimov, Berikbol Khamzin, Chief Geologist of the Company,  and Murat Saiduakassov, Councilor to the Chairman of the Board participated in the 1st meeting of the Expert Council for Geology.

Meeting took place under the direction of M. Mirzagaliyev, Minister of Environment, Geology and Natural Resources.

It worth to note a wide range of Council participants, consisting of representatives of Kazakhstani Community of petroleum experts- Geologists, Association of production geological organizations, KAZRC Association, research entities- Institutes of Geological Sciences named after K. Satpayev and geohydrology and eco-geology named after U.Akhmedsaphina, as well as JSC “NC “KazMunayGas” and IntellegentConsultingSolutions LLP.

A wide range of issues was discussed– the most important, challenging and urgent ones.

A.Nadyrbayev, Chairman of the Committee for Geology, presented a report on a set of measures aimed at development of geological area.

B. Kuandykov, G. Baimakhanova and M. Absambetov, head of geological public associations, also acted as speakers.

Meeting of the Council was a constructive one; it was decided to carry out such meetings on a regular basis with elaboration of recommendations for further development of the branch. The Minister determined main directions for preparation of specific improvement proposals read out aloud by the Chairman of the Committee for Geology.