Adopting the Spanish geologists’ practices…

Our company endeavors to learn and transfer the best practices and experience of the world’s leading mining companies to its operations.

This weekend, our colleagues returned from Spain where they had an intensive course at the workshop titled “Industrial geology and reserves evaluation – best practices and experience of leading global mining companies”.

Qazgeology team was headed by Deputy Chairman of the Board Tagash E. B.   The fresh trainees from the company were: the leading geologist of the Design Department Rakin D. M., Director of RF “Yuzhgeology” Kamolin A.V., first category geologist of RF “Yuzhgeology” Abdrakhmanov B.M. and first category geologist of RF “Centergeology” – Acting Director of RF “Centergeology” Mussiyeva B.G.

Santiago Martin Afageme the head of the Engineering Department of Geological Survey and Roberto Martinez Orio the head of the Mineral Resources Department of the Spanish Institute of Geology and Mining told about their country’s experience to Kazakhstani trainees.

(The Institute is a state research organization of an independent status under the Ministry of Science of Innovation and Universities).

For instance, they covered topics such as: mapping, hydrogeology, mining, the research of mineral reserves and resources, geological risks (underwater currents, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, field deactivation and field decommissioning), 3- D modeling and geophysics, designing.

– Spain is a progressive country in the field of geology. This is important for us, since we are trying to do this, they have created over 400 databases of deposits and mineralization with access to wide use, – broached his opinion Rakin D.M. – And here is a repository of core from all deposits in Spain.

Russian experts also gave speeches at the workshop.

Mr. Yuferov D.V. General Director of Olympus LLC (Moscow) told about the development of his company in the field of geochemistry technology.

Ryazanova E.I. geological advisor, head of XRF/XRD technology line of that company presented a manual portable XRF/XRD spectrometer capable of field analysis and replacing spectral analysis, moreover VANTA analyzer was presented. She briefed on their features, sensitivity, accuracy and application. The devices have performance potential in the prospecting, appraisal and exploration of non-ferrous, precious, ferrous, rare metals and terres rares. They ensure rapid return on investment by providing high quality geochemical data much faster than conventional laboratory methods, and enable geologists to work in remote areas, knowing that the analyzer would withstand the toughest operating conditions and provide accurate analytical results.

Cherepanova Y. Doctor of Geology, Wardell Armstrong, a British company, also took a speech. She shared the experience of work on the feasibility study and evaluation of the payback of the projects as per the standards necessary to fund raising.

Beyond she told about the ways the resource assessment reports should be structured (the methods used to execute documents on mineral reserves for the efficient extraction of natural resources).

Mark Howson the Scientific Secretary of the Pan-European Committee for Reporting on Reserves and Resources, the representative of PERC and CRIRSCO delivered a speech on “Modern understanding of the mining and geological system. Processes of Mining Industrial Geologyand its 12 components”.

Kazakhstan Geologists were presented with the country’s mineral resources counting and control systems according to the CRIRSCO code and yorc standards.

Our colleagues had a highly topical programme. Besides the workshop sessions, they visited the Geological, Paleontological and Mineralogical Museum of the Spanish Institute of Geology and the Mining Industry in Madrid.

They also visited the Riotinto field.

It is a core sample room Dmitry Mikhailovich noted as one of the interesting things. The geologist of the field presented an electronic portable geological notepad to describe the core. The notepad is connected to the database program, which facilitates the work of geological personnel.

As Bakytgul Galimzhanovna shared her impressions with us, the received knowledge of the modern geological service of Spain will be applied in the future production activities of our company to improve further the system of prospecting, exploration, accounting and control of resources and mineral reserves of Kazakhstan.