April 12 marks 120th anniversary of the birth of outstanding scientist Kanysh Satpayev

Today marks 120th birth anniversary of Kanysh Satpayev, outstanding scientist, the First President of Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. 

On Academic’s birthday, geologists and academics from all over Kazakhstan participated in the ceremony of laying flowers on his monument in Almaty, attended by Almaz Abdygalimov, Chairman of the Management Board “Kazgeology” JSC.

This year Satpayev University celebrates its 85th birthday. Congratulating the University, A.A. Abdygalimov has noted that 22 University graduates are employed in Kazgeology.

Each of them have kept warm and gratitude to native Alma Mater in their hearts for strong foundations provided by the University to be successful in their career.

The Head of Kazgeology has wished outstanding high ratings, prestige and competitiveness to his University at the celebration of 120th birthday of great geologist and 85th birthday of Satpayev University.