Dear, Serikbek Zhusupbekuly!


Please accept my most sincere congratulations and best wishes for your birthday from me personally and our company!

You are the most competent professional, combining foresight and an innovative approach, firmness of character and integrity in upholding interests.

You are the man of your word, the man of action.

Your energy and perseverance, determination and efficiency, erudition and the ability to find the right solution in the most difficult situations are the example for all of us.

We believe that your devotion to your work and duty, responsibility and professionalism will continue to promote the implementation of goals in the field of geology.

Let reliable friends and like-minded people always be with you, and relatives support all your ideas!

We wish you good health and family well-being!

Best regards, Chairman

of the Board Of Directors

Qazgeology Llp Almaz Abdygalimov