Kazgeology continues prospecting of plumb, copper and manganese in Karaganda region

Kazgeology JSC continues to perfrom prospecting works in Terissakkan area (sheet М-42-ХХ) based on the contract with MD “CentrKazNedra” (2018).

The area is situated in Karaganda region, Ulytau district. Total scope of works – 176.1 km2.

 The site is formed by Upper Devonian terrigenous and carbonate deposits in eastern and southern parts, and granodiorites and compact-grained granite of Upper Ordovician igneous complex in northern and western parts.

The area covers four mineralizations (detected within 1:200000 geological survey scale):

– plumb (Northern Terissakkan and Southern Terissakkan);

At plumb occurrence, ore mineralization is represented by galena impregnations in limestone, mineralization areas length is 1700-2000 m with 35m depth, plumb content is from 0.7 till 19.0%.

copper (Zhana-Bek);

Ore mineralization in metacherts and gray sands of poorly defined formations of middle Upper Devonian and upper Devonian sulcifer coal measures. Mineralization at the surface is being observed in the form of lenticular zone of 1700m length at 5-35m depth. Copper content in surface samples is– 3-5%.

manganese (Terissakkan).

Mineralization is represented by blanket deposits of manganese ores, ore mineralization is traced at 1700m with mineralization zone width of 15-25m; manganese content reaches 22%. Plumb content in drains and wells is 1.2%, copper – 0.5%. 

A set of geological and geophysical works was carried out in this area in 2018, including area electric prospecting using VP-Dose (along 500х50 m network) in the amount of 228 l.km, reconnaissance traverses in the amount of 120 lin.km and mining workings in the amount of 2000 m3.

Several increased polarizability anomalies were detected, which are diagonally located from southeast to north-west. By spread area anomalies coincide with detected predecessors of mineralization points and mineralization.

Detailed magnetic survey and electric exploration works will be performed this year within the whole area of polarization anomalies.

It is planned to clarify a structural-tectonic situation of the area and boundaries of increased magnetic field causative bodies in southern-terissakkan manganese mineralization (22).

In addition, a detailed picture of anomalies with specification of causative bodies locations will be obtained.

Geoscientists have started field works at Terissakkan site in the beginning of May.

In general, the following works will be carried out until the end of July:

– electric exploration works using VP-DOS method along the network 500х50 m – 47 linear km, along the network 250х25 m – 103 linear km;

– magnetic surveys along the network250х25m – 103 linear km.

Works are performed along the network established by the topographic-geodetic group with the use of a satellite GPS equipment from Trimble R10.

Moreover 10 wells of total volume of 2000 l.m. will be drilled (at Nothern Tersakkanskoye, Sothern Tersakkanskoye, Zhana-Bek, Tersakkanskoye exposure) общим объемом 2000 п.м.