Kazgeology continues prospecting works at Segizbay-Kulskaya area

Main task of performed work is identification of prospective areas for replenishment of mineral resources base of Zhezkazgan region.

Segizbay-Kulskaya area is situated on the territory of Ulytau district of Karaganda region, 7 km northwest from village Ulytau, from the western part 3-4 km from Sarlyk settlement.

Complex of geological and geophysical work was carried out at the site in 2018, including area IP geophysics investigation (by network 500×50 m), prospecting traverses and mining works.

Anomalous zones of high polarizability were detected on passed geophysical profiles. Ditches in volume of 2000 m3 were passed. Lead-zinc mineralized zones were visually detected by developed deposits, by which mineralization of sphalerite, galena and malachite is observed.

According to historical records, detailed areas, prospective for detection of polymetallic ores were outlined on the territory of Segizbay-Kulskaya area: Kudyk, Arpa-Bulak, Abit, Sarysay and Ozernoye (quartz-gold-sulphide), where anomalous zones were also detected by Kazgeology during electrical exploration.

Nowadays drilling of prospecting wells was started for verification of anomalous zones and mineralization zones, which were detected by predecessors. Work is performed by DANDO mobile unit (production of the UK, on the basis of IVECO car), which analogues are absent in Kazakhstan.

It is combined and equipped with all necessary nodes, which allow use of different kinds of boring: core boring, RC boring, and boring for water.

Boring of 7 wells with total volume 1000 p.m. is planned.

Moreover, land works by network 500×50 m and refinement by network 250×25 m (electrical exploration and magnetic survey) are planned.

Current prospects and feasibility study with proposals for future work at Segizbay-Kulskaya area will be known in 2020 – upon completion of exploration works.