KazGeology discussed investment issues with Marubeni

On December 04, 2019, Almaz Abdygalimov, Chairman of the Management Board met Soki Baba representative of Japanese Company Marubeni in the conference room of KazGeology JSC. Soki Baba is the General Manager of metals and mineral resources division in Marubeni Europe plc.

Marubeni is Japanese trade company. It is one of the largest companies in the country. The Company offers a wide range of products – from clothes and foodstuff to steel and chemical materials. Headquarters are in Tokyo and Osaka. It has 30 branches in Japan and over 150 offices in 79 countries around the world. Number of highly qualified personnel is 8.5 thousand.

Employees of Marubeni Europe plc have prepared presentation materials about the Company and its activity specifically for the meeting, revealing main purposes and objectives of the Company. Presentation also included information on current projects and successful investments history.

After watching the presentation, the parties began discussing important issues on metals extraction. Guests learned about perspective Kazakhstani projects in the field of exploration and expressed their interest in cooperating with KazGeology.