KazGeology is seeking gold and polymetal deposits in East Kazakhstan Oblast

According to Kazakh geologists, there is a capability to detect potential ore-bearing sites in Ore Altai in East Kazakhstan Oblast promising to identify commercial deposits of gold-polymetallic ore formation.

At present, KazGeology JSC is performing a set of exploration works to test this hypothesis. In order to solve metallogenic problems of Ore Altai, we obviously need new information, new hypotheses and new technological approaches to identify the patterns of ore objects localization.

This especially applies to the sites where major ore objects have not been yet identified.

As a result, large-scale exploration was launched in Zyryanovsk ore region in Revnushenskaya site in 2018.

Exploration is carried out based on the contract between KazGeology JSC and RSE MD Vostkaznedra.

The site is located in Altai and Katon-Karagai regions of East Kazakhstan Oblast.

A large complex of exploration works is planned here: geological routes, mapping of element concentration fields with the geochemical sampling using Ionex technology, drilling, mining, geophysical, testing, laboratory and office works.

As a result, the potential prospects of Revnushenskaya site will be determined and estimated resources of gold and polymetals will be estimated using multi-model forecasting technology.

Main challenges faced by specialists:

– identify ore objects of various hierarchical levels (from ore regions to deposits) with a low openability status;

– study ore control factors and create adequate models of deposits and occurrences studied;

– evaluate forecast resources by P2 and P3 categories.

Exploration works are accompanied by geological mapping, schematic geological maps and plans for prospective sites testing.

It is also planned to build normal and generalized models for 20-23 elements concentrations distribution (geochemical fields). The scales are 1:100000 and 1:25000.

Detailed mapping of element concentration fields over a network of 250-250 m (Ionex Technology) in a volume of 1,000 km has been already completed, first drilling wells with a depth of 300 m in Narym revier valley have been drilled, 1,078 samples have been tested for major and minor ore components during field works,

The first results will be determined after receiving laboratory analytical data later in the year.

Thus, exploration works will help to solve the issues of prospects for identifying commercial important gold-polymetallic objects.

If successful, raw material potential of Ore Altai may be significantly expanded – this is the major final effect that geologists strive to get in their explorations.