“KazGeology” JSC: Altynkazgan is promising for gold and copper

In accordance with the exploration plan under license, KazGeology is working on a gold-copper ore occurrence – in the Central section of Altynkazgan ore field.

Project is aimed at expanding mineral and raw materials base. It is important for the whole economy of Central Region.

Initial stage of exploration works – mining and drilling operations – have been already performed at the site.

Starting from June 15 this year, a field unit of geologists covered 50 km of geological routes and examined the outcrops of bedrock on the surface.

 Currently, six wells with a depth of 100 – 240 meters, with a total volume of 960 meters have been drilled.

Copper mineralization in the form of malachite, azurite, chalcopyrite, and pyrite was revealed in all drilled wells, starting from the depths of 15–20 m and up to 40–50 m.

Copper mineralization, represented by chalcopyrite, less often – bornite, chalcosine and covelin, was revealed in primary rocks from 40m to 120m – 230m.

Strong zones of quartz veins of 20-25 m in width with a copper content in the range of 0.3-2% were found in the southern part, in the wells at the base of the ore-bearing horizons of the occurrence of Altynkazgan.

Exploration is conducted in accordance with the international standards – when the best professionals observe the process. At this site, the works are performed with the participation of competent persons of KazMineralsCompany, one of the leading companies. Subsequently, Kazgeology will extend this experience to its other projects.

Currently, the field works are already being completed and office study shall begin.

Works analysis confirms the site prospectivity for copper mineralization.

Further with the positive results, exploratory wells will be drilled to a depth of 200 m with a thickening of the exploration network necessary for calculating reserves in higher categories, including C1, within the second and third years of works.