KazGeology organized celebration dedicated to Independence Day of RK

Independence Day is a great holiday for all Kazakh people. December 16, 1991 is the day when we gained independence. This great event will be celebrated throughout of all Kazakhstan.

         On December 13, Almaz Abdygalimov, Chairman of the Management Board of “KazGeology” JSC congratulated the Company employees with the biggest national holiday and  awarded outstanding staff members with certificates and letters of appreciation according to the results of the year.

         In celebration of Independence Day the Company has hold a drawing consent “Geology through the Eyes of Children” among the children of Company’s employees.

         As a result of drawing consent, the children were awarded in the following categories:

– “Youngest artist” – Zhaniya Nurkhassinova;

– “Most creative drawing” – Adilya Kairbekova;

– “Most original drawing” – Malika Karibayeva;

– “Brightest drawing” – Milana Shulyateva;

– “For artistic expression” – Kassymzhomart Beibituly;

– “For creativity” – Andrey Krassin;

– “For independent performance” – Yaroslav Krassin;

– “Best theme representation” – Beibit Kuanysh Beibituly.

All participants were awarded with diplomas, educational and sweet gifts.