Kazgeology took part in the London conferences

On November 27, 2019, London hosted the Mines and Money Conference. Mines and Money is a leading international activity to attract capital and investment in the mining industry. Conference aims at attracting investors and mining companies – from juniors engaged in the exploration to recognized manufacturers and large companies.

At the conference, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Kazgeology JSC Eldar TAGASH met with representatives of SBD Global Fund, Astra Mining, Central Asia Metals, Metalcorp Group S.A., Chesterfield Plc., Reuben Partners, Adriatic Metals, Orion Resources, MMG Capital.          

Also, there were meetings organized with fund managers, private chambers of commerce, hedge funds and family offices, with junior companies as well that are actively casting about benefits from Kazakhstan’s rich resources to improve financial performance for years to come.

The next day there was the last conference named MINEX Eurasia 2019. The conference MINEX the Eurasia founded in 2012 is a leading British mining forum in Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Eastern and Central Europe.

The conference is for British and international investors, financiers and service providers. It provides an annual platform to present new opportunities for trade, cooperation and investment. This year MINEX Eurasia combined large mining and exploration companies operating in Russia, Mongolia, the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan.

The conference parties discussed prospects for the development of cooperation in the project financing, infrastructure modernization, optimization of mining, investment in environmental protection, social services and management, and the use of best practices to solve issues influencing mining and investor confidence in the region

Press service of Kazgeology JSC