Qazgeology discovered a previously unknown chromium ore deposit


In the field of prospecting for chromite ores in the South Kempirsai, the ore field by order of TNC Kazchrome JSC, for the first time in 25-30 years, was discovered a previously unknown chromium ore deposit, that was named Geological I.

Geological I deposit is located in the Aktobe region, 6 km northeast from the city of Khromtau, 700 meters from the current Yuzhny open pit mine of GOC Donskoy JSC.

In 2017, specialists of Qazgeology JSC revealed a prospective anomaly using modern methods and technologies in the process of re-interpretation of geological and geophysical materials. During its further verification by drilling wells, ore intervals of solid chrome ores were cut. As a result, the exploration was carried out with the development of an air-conditioning network and chrome ore object was discovered, that was named Geological I. The deposit is located 200 meters west from the Poiskovoye deposit, on the western side of its coffin.

In the course of exploration, the geological structure of the deposit was studied, the sizes and characteristic forms of chromium ore bodies, the main features of the conditions of their occurrence and internal structure were clarified, the variability of ore bodies and distribution of mineralization were estimated, mining and geological, mining and hydrogeological conditions for mining reserves were clarified.

The ore zone of the deposit is formed by two central, closely connected, largest and solid bodies, surrounded by a “swarm” of small lenses.

Calculation of reserves and estimation of forecast resources at Geological I deposit were carried out using three-dimensional geological modeling. Under the conditions of existing mining and processing enterprise Donskoy GOK JSC, the most optimal open-cast mining scheme and ore processing scheme for production of marketable chrome ore suitable for ferroalloy production have been selected.

As a result of reserves calculation, Geological I deposit is assigned to the average chromium ore reserves. Works on the deposit continue in the northeastern strike with the goal of studying the forecast resources and possible increase of reserves.

In fact, the estimated cost of production of marketable ore from ores of Geological I deposit allows us to consider it competitive both among domestic similar industrial products of TNC Kazchrome JSC and on the world market.

The estimated reserves of the deposit allows opencast mining for 4 years with an annual productivity of 150-300 thousand tons, providing jobs for about 150 people working in specialties and engineering- technical works.

NEC Qazgeology JSC