The Chairman of the Management Board of Kazgeology JSC Almaz ABDYGALIMOV has met with the management of the Turkish company Yildirim Group

On November 9, 2019, during a business visit to the Kazakhstan-Turkish Business Forum in Istanbul, the Chairman of the Management Board of Kazgeology JSC Almaz ABDYGALIMOV has met with Robert Yuksel Yildirim, the Director General of Yildirim Group.

The meeting was also attended by Alp Malazgirt, the CEO of the mining company Yilmaden Holding, along with his technical team.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss current issues related to the implementation of prospecting projects of, gold ore in the Mailishat site and, elements of the platinum group in the Surovsky site in the East Kazakhstan region. Besides, they discussed the matters on transferring subsurface use contracts to joint ventures, conducting geological survey for chromite prospecting at Tekturmas sites in Karaganda region, Shiderty-Ekibastuz in Pavlodar region and Charsky in East Kazakhstan region.

Robert Yildirim expressed his gratitude for the cooperation, and his great interest in continuing new attractive projects for joint implementation.

In turn, Almaz Abdygalimov noted the importance of cooperation between the parties and spoke about the activities made by Kazgeology JSC to find new geological survey sites and attract new investors. Based on the results of the business meeting, both parties agreed to hold quarterly meetings, thereby directing their efforts to continuous exchange of experience to achieve efficiently the goals.

It worth to note that such meetings give an opportunity to get acquainted closely with the features of the business of foreign partners, to learn about innovations in the global industry and all the latest news in the geological survey. Indeed, master of information today means being successful and moving with the time.

Press Service of Kazgeology JSC