The future of Kazakhstan depends on geology – expert

Political analyst Marat Shibutov explained what threatens Kazakhstan with the extinction of the school of natural sciences.

He notes that the extraction of raw materials has allowed the country to get out of poverty, but there are almost no resources for further breakthrough.

“Science for the raw material country is primarily geology, geophysics, mining technology, enrichment and processing, waste processing technology and durability, reclamation. But they do not understand this. We have a stagnation in the economy, because all the explored large deposits are sold.

The last large deposit of world importance was a tungsten deposit – Verkhne-Kairakinsky

And that’s all, there is nothing more – some medium and small ones, which is not very attractive with our weak infrastructure and corruption. Diamonds are still to be properly explored, ”Shibutov writes.

The political scientist states that every year the chances of reviving Kazakhstani science are less and less.

“Even if we now take up geology, then the whole complex of natural sciences about the Earth should be developed, and in our country they do not want to understand this in principle.

Every year, the chances of reviving domestic scientific schools in this area are less and less – simply because scientists die

Officials say – here are the archives. But there is a catch here – if there is no school, no one will tell how these reports and maps were actually compiled, where there are real problems, where there are mistakes, and where there are prospects. The most valuable knowledge is transferred from person to person, ”summarizes Shibutov.